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  Разработана серия баннеров для рекламной кампании "Weekend"
Проведена комплексная рекламная кампания "Леди клиник"
Завершена разработка сайта "Фэн-шуй Гармония дома"

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The success of your project is a work with us

Internet marketing agency «Media World» - the rallied command of professionals. At us skilled managers and heads, Internet experts in marketing, seo-experts, programmers, копирайторы, the content-managers providing process of work with our clients work.

Our employees regularly raise the professional level at the Russian both international specialised seminars and conferences.

Who is already working with us

Agency Internet marketing «Media World» works with many campaigns. Directly or through intermediaries. Here are just some of them.

Join a community of professionals internet marketing. View full list.

Why with us it is favourable to work

The Internet marketing agency «Media World» is freelance agency. That is, the most part of our experts works far off. It allows to do a qualitative and creative product under very competitive price. Save money in the work with us!.

We work equally carefully at all stages

  The first contact
  Offer preparation
  Work on your project on increase in sales
  Achievement of results
  Constant user's service
  Work with clients does not come to an end never
  Even on holidays we do not leave clients )

We responsibly approach(suit) to the decision of tasks in view, minimising time(temporary) expenses of our Clients for work with the unnecessary information.

Having addressed to us and having learnt(found out) us it is better – you will lead to us of the friends and partners. We know that such - good service. We do it.

We have something to show - portfolio

How to begin work already today

Begin the Internet advancement now – call on a hot line «Media World» (495 763-68-14. The first consultation of experts free of charge. Or write to us – our experts will communicate at any time convenient for you!

E-mail: info@media-world.ru
Icq: 83152120 - at any time

Operating time:
Monday-Friday with 09-21,
Saturday and revival - with 12 19.

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